New Entrepreneur Program is a YSBA Pilot Program that will be implemented by Yunus Social Business Albania, is a replication of NobinUdyokta (New Entrepreneur) Program, a new dimension in the development of Social Business in Bangladesh. It enables Grameen family members to grow their micro-businesses to a sustainable size and provide job opportunities. More than 400 businesses have been supported – a success story in the making.

The program encourages young individuals of the community to create employment for themselves as well as others by using their creative, innovative and entrepreneurial skills. The goal of this program,is to convert youth unemployment to entrepreneurship, the inspiration for which comes from Professor Yunus’ words, “We are not job seekers, we are job givers.”

NE will provide small equity-like financing (3k to 8k EUR) to young entrepreneurs in order to realize their dreams and a coach will guide them along the way. After repayment of the seed financing, they fully will own their business – no strings attached.

This pilot aims to provide proof of concept for Europe, based on the success of the same concept used in Bangladesh to be scaled and replicated later on.

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