YSB accelerator program in Albania helps entrepreneurs develop their ideas into successful startup businesses. The goal of this program is to create jobs, spur innovation, create new business leaders in Albania and the region, give hand-on business education and opportunities, and develop an entrepreneurial network. The third round of the Accelerator Program will be held during November 2015 – February 2016.


  • Deadline: Applications will open from July 20th – September 30th 2015 through YSB online platform
  • Eligible Applicants: Interested entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs from Albania and Kosovo who are interested to start or develop their business initiatives, preferably within one of the sectors with high potential for social impact: Agriculture and Local Development or Information Technology. Other sectors can be considered if the startup has an outstanding impact, or an innovative business model. The acceptable business initiatives could be early planning stage, at prototype stage or at growth stage.

Selection of candidates: The selection process will happen during October 1st – October 22th in two stages as follows:

  • Evaluation and selection of semifinalists will be done during October 1st – 10th;
  • Interviews with the semifinalists will be held from during October 12th – Oct. 20th
  • Pitch Day on October 22th where up to 15 winners will be selected

Announcement of winners: YSB will select up to 25 candidates for the Acceleration Program (depending on the quality of applications), with up to 15 winners being announced during October 22th, 2015.

Tuition: The Accelerator Program even this year will be offered for free for the 15 selected participants.

Start your own journey! 

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