Your are not alone!

We have invested in over 30 social businesses worldwide and have supported over 200 entrepreneurs in the Balkans. This is not important because we can boast about it – though we are pretty proud of it. But it is also crucial for you. You will get in touch with entrepreneurs that face the same challenges that you do. Share your experience with people that know the hardships of entrepreneurship.

In the past 5 years, we have learned that peer-to-peer support is key to overall business success. We want to introduce some of our entrepreneurs to you.


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Emiland Skora has founded "Saint George Valley Organic Farming" to help his community in Shengjergj, Albania, where unemployment is extremely high and families are poor. But the conditions in Albania favour a huge diversity of herbs. So he has created a farm that produces sustainably-grown organic herbs for local and international traders and processors of essential oils. Local farmers get a chance to know organic farming and earn a multiple of the incomes they have earned before. Emiland has been successfully running an essential oils distillery since 2011 and is bringing agronomy skills and market knowledge in the social business.

Emiland Skora, Social Business SGVOF
Nadira Mingasson, Udruzene

Nadira Mingasson has lived and studied in Paris for years before coming back to Bosnia to change her country. Today, she runs Udruzene, a social business providing income opportunities to rural women in the country and exporting to international brands. Udruzene’s mission is to help women who have suffered from war, violence and social marginalization in the past. It uses knitting as a way to confront war traumas and reintegrate women into society, through economic and psychosocial empowerment. Udruzene produces professional quality of Handicraft products through knitting and crocheting for fashion brands and designers for several countries such as Germany, Japan, Norway, and Italy.

Daklea Xinxo has been successfully managing a kindergarten for the last 5 years and was previously Director of Human Service Directorate at Tirana municipality, Chairwoman at the Albanian Adoptions Committee and Director of Children’s Home (an orphanage). She is using her skills to run a senior's home in the outskirts of Tirana to provide high quality healthcare to seniors in the country. The Seniors House offers high quality services to promote independence, dignity and The Senior House represents a great employment and training opportunity for young professionals who are searching for jobs in Albania in the fields of social work and health care.

Daklea Xinxo, Senior's House
Dashamir Elezi, JamFrutta

Dashamir Elezi has been a successful entrepreneur for the last 20 years, a well-known fine food expert and serial entrepreneur. He created JamFrutta to support smallholder farmers in the country. Albania is the most agriculture-oriented country in the Balkans with 55% of the population living in rural areas. But Albanian farmers face a series of challenges, including small farm sizes, land fragmentation and scarce access to markets. On the other hand, Albanian agricultural products have a good reputation in the country, especially apples, olives, pomegranates, nuts, goat milk, figs and olives. JamFrutta reestablishes the quality-appeal of local agricultural products by processing high-quality products and Dashamir uses his existing logistics infrastructure and sales network to acquire clients in the B2B sector.