We offer flexible investments to entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses with exceptional impact. And since we know that growing is hard, we also provide non-financial support to businesses that we invest in.

How do we finance?

  • We become a partner and support you with strategic decisions
  • Investments between 50,000 EUR to 500,000 EUR
  • The majority of investment is provided as a flexible loan; we consider a small equity stake on a case-by-case basis (1 to 25%)
  • You have 6-10 years to pay back the loan (maturity depends on the business case)
  • 6-10% interest rate (depending on country, currency and risk profile of the business)
  • Payment holidays (grace period) on principal of up to five years
  • No personal collateral – company assets serve as securities 

Apply for funding

It doesn't take a lot to apply. Send us your pitch deck and financials to apply! You can learn more about pitch decks and financial plans in our blog section.

Eligibility & Investment Criteria

See more details on eligibility and investment criteria. Our criteria are simple. We mostly look at the entrepreneur, the team and your traction. 

About the process: 

Feel free to apply through our short online application form. After receiving your application, there are few steps until we make our investment decision. Procedures can be as quick as 2 months from application to signing the contracts, depending on the quality of the application and your commitment to the process. Please include your rationale on social and/or environmental impact that your business creates. This will be a key criteria for our decision.

1. Pre-Screening

After sending your application, pitch deck and financials you are invited to an interview.

2. Pitch

We invite you to pitch in front of our Investment Committee.

3. Due Diligence

We confirm legal matters and financials during our in-depth due diligence.

4. Contract

Together with you, we decide about the conditions and close the contract.